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Interpreting is about conveying meaning accurately and bridging cultural barriers between people.

Interpreting is a skill. Just because a person can speak two languages fluently doesn’t mean that they will be able to interpret. The transfer skills required to reformulate the spoken message and interpret the same message into the target language so that it sounds natural and conveys the original meaning come with dedicated practice and experience.

Interpreting is different to translation. It is the spoken transfer of meaning from one language to another. It occurs in real time, in the presence of the people who require the interpretation.

In simultaneous, the interpreter renders the message in the target language as quickly as possible while the speaker is presenting continuously.

In consecutive, the interpreter speaks after the original speaker has finished a section of speech. The interpreter listens, takes notes and then provides the target language version when the speaker pauses or finishes speaking.

l can accompany you to business meetings and facilitate communication and negotiation so that you can get the results you planned, without anything being ‘lost in translation’. It’s reassuring to be accompanied by someone who has expert knowledge of both cultures and will assist you in managing cultural norms and expectations.

I can work with you on different interpreting assignments and settings including:

  • French <>English business, conference, liaison and ad hoc meetings
  • French <>English Simultaneous interpreting
  • French <>English Consecutive interpreting
  • Business delegations and corporate site visits

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Nicola Interpreting
Nicola Thayil (nee Savage) interpreter for Jean Nouvel

I had the opportunity to interpret for this famous French architect at a presentation at Melbourne University in 2016. This was actually a form known as ‘chuchotage’, which means whispering in French. MSD Presents: Jean Nouvel – watch the interview on YouTube.

Nicola Thayil - French interpreterNicola Thayil - French interpreter

Nicola Thayil – booth set up for simultaneous interpreting