French to English translation that makes an impact


Corporate translation
and editing

Don’t just translate your words, translate your ideas.

Building your brand across borders can be challenging. It’s important to identify any potential cultural issues in your text. For example, will your brand name or slogan be problematic? Is the image you have selected appropriate for your target audience? As a translator, I have in-depth knowledge of French and Australian cultural and language norms to alert you to these kinds of issues.

I offer accurate and fluent French to English translations, specialising in marketing, reports as well as editing and proofreading. I can also edit your website html files or work directly in your content management system.

I recently translated the Hyvity website into English. This company contributes to the generation of clean electricity through its regional hydropower developments. I worked closely with the client to really understand the company’s mission in order to accurately convey it in English.

Book translation and publishing

Need Indesign files or publications translated?

I can translate your Adobe Indesign files and make sure the layout is correct in English. Some of my recent book and e-book translations from French into English include:

  • Saka Saka: South of the Sahara – Adventures in African Cooking (208 pages), Gabonese chef Anto Cocagne presents unique food journey that introduces the best pan-African recipes. There was a significant amount of research involved in terms of ingredients. This project was completed using Adobe Indesign files.
  • Japanese Home Cooking (272 pages), it was a joy to complete a project that allowed me to draw on my personal interest (cooking), experience (living in France and Japan) and expertise (French to English translation and Adobe Indesign skills). 
  • Bao Family Cookbook (272 pages), It was a delight to discover Celine Chung’s story and dishes reworked for her modern Chinese restaurants in Paris and everyday cooks.
  • Korean Home Cooking (to be published in English in 2023)
  • Cuisine et aperitifs sans bla bla (to be published in English in 2023
  • Without Model think-tank publications such as Mapping Open Models and the e-book Open Models.
  • Le Courrier Australien Collector’s edition (245 pages), book retracing the history of the French presence in Australia and the exceptional friendship that exists between France and Australia on many levels.

Official document translation
and interpreting

Are you applying for a visa or university course in Australia?

I provide NAATI-certified translations for Australian government or immigration purposes including electronic and hard copy translations for use in visa applications. My NAATI practitioner ID is CPN0AA45G and can be verified at

I am also a certified interpreter with experience interpreting in business, healthcare, university and tribunal settings. l can accompany you to business meetings to facilitate communication and negotiation so that you can get the results you planned, without anything being ‘lost in translation’.

Choose the peace of mind of having the support of someone with expert knowledge of both cultures who can assist you in managing cultural norms and expectations.

Coaching for experienced translators

Do you have over 5 years of experience as a translator and/or interpreter are looking to step up your game?

I offer individual and group coaching to help you:

  • Define your ideal client and figure out if you should specialise
  • Create a professional portfolio to showcase your work and impress ideal clients
  • Keep you accountable for getting your marketing done or making progress on your goals
  • Workshop with you to nut out your value proposition and what's unique about working with you
  • Review your LinkedIn profile and provide suggested improvements
  • Use Canva to create graphic content and e-books

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