Recent projects

I often get asked about the types of texts I translate, so here are some links to texts I have translated as well as a selection of sample translations taken from previous jobs I have done that show you the kind of work I do. These include a text on business innovation, a business article, a Vogue magazine article, an example of a marketing presentation translation, an extract from a tender response document and legal translation (agreement and contract).

Without Model think-tank publications such as Mapping the Open Models and the e-book Open Models.

Le Courrier Australien Collector’s edition (245 pages), book retracing the history of the French presence in Australia and the exceptional friendship that exists between France and Australia on many levels.

LCA cover

Saka Saka: South of the Sahara – Adventures in African Cooking (208 pages), Gabonese chef Anto Cocagne presents a wonderfully photographed, unique food journey that introduces the best pan-African recipes. It was a great pleasure to translate this book and its mouth-watering recipes.

Cuisine Japonaise Maison (Japanese Home Cooking, 272 pages), it was a pleasure to translate this beautifully photographed book and complete a  project that allowed me to draw on my personal interest (cooking), experience (living in France and Japan) and expertise (French to English translation and Adobe Indesign skills). The author, Maori Murota, shares the traditional recipes for the everyday Japanese dishes she grew up with, as well as her own original recipes inspired by foreign cuisines.